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What’s in the Attic? Should I throw it out?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
this flag lists on ebay today oct. 5

this flag lists on ebay today oct. 5

I was helping a friend clean out her attic a few years ago. I LOVED it! I know, I might be a little strange but if you are reading my blog, you might be a little strange too! She had stuff up there from the 1950s and on. It was one of those attics that you have to use a ladder to get into a little hole in the ceiling so you just don’t go up there too often. Vintage heaven!

Well, her son was helping too. He had the job of climbing the ladder and throwing the JUNK down on the floor.

My job was to catch what I could and start setting it out so we could go through it.

The dust started to fly! My friend kept yelling at her son, “George, (not his real name!) what are you doing?? Stop throwing that stuff down here! Be careful! You’re going too fast!”

“Mom, I can’t help it, there’s no other way to get it all out!”

So it was raining toys and baby clothing and lots of dust bunnies—more like dust elephants!

Some of the JUNK we found and my estimate of what it sold for on ebay (I don’t remember exactly):

Baby clothes from the 50s in lots of about 5-6 pieces each 12.00/lot (after a good washing!)

Cowboy and Indian playset from the 60s: 36.00  

some clothes I sold recently

some clothes I sold recently

Liddle Kiddle dolls (her daughter did not want to sell those but they are worth about an average of 50$ each in good condition)

Doll case, no particular brand but cute: 9.00

Doll clothing, 1960s, no particular brand: 4.00 or more each

Old newspapers, 1950s: just about worthless unless they are perfect and from some great event—we threw them out.

Sheet music and songbooks, 1970s: songbooks about 5.00 each and sheet music about 2.00 each depending on the graphics

An old potty chair: maybe 2.00 until my dad fixed it up real nice—then maybe 20.00 (we didn’t sell it)



The 3 things that determine value are:

  1. CONDITION CONDITION!!!                                                                                     
  2.  age
  3. manufacturer/brand
  4. “it depends” (oops that looks like 4)


this chenille had damage but sold for 30.99
this chenille had damage but sold for 30.99


 Condition: a chipped glass is worth about 95% of its value but a small (or large) wear on an antique quilt is not the end of its life

 Age: a doll or toy from the 1980s can be valuable but a dishtowel from the 1980s is NOT (try 1930s though and you are getting close!)

 Manufacturer/brand: Any of the dolls and doll clothing that were marked with Mattel, Ideal, Vogue, Madame Alexander, etc. would be worth a lot more than an unbranded one. (same goes for glassware, pottery, clothing, etc.)

As you can see, “it depends” on what it is and what kind of demand there is for it. It depends on how rare it is. It depends on its condition and it depends on how much time you want to spend cleaning or repairing it. You can find out a lot about an item by doing a completed search on ebay. More about that later! I have to go wash some old baby clothing……….   

I love these old spools, listed on ebay until Oct. 9

I love these old spools, listed on ebay until Oct. 9

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