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top 5 vintage finds in the last 3 months!

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
nike sneakers I sold

nike sneakers I sold

pieces of yo yo quilt
pieces of yo yo quilt

My 5 favorite vintage finds:

Since this is my first post in this category, I am going to give you my 5 best finds in the last 3 months and how I sold them. They are:

  1. pair of vintage NIKE sneakers: bought for 2.00 (along with 3 basketball shirts) sold on ebay for 158.50
  2. set of 12 damask linen napkins: bought an entire box of these for 6.00 (probably about 6 sets but these were the nicest) sold on ebay for 40.99
  3. 48 unopened packs of garbage pail kids cards, 3rd series: bought for 10.00. sold on ebay for 56.00 (and I am STILL waiting for the customer to pay!)
  4. 10 stephen king paperback books: bought for 50 cents a box (there were other books in the box as well). Tried to sell them at a flea market for 50 cents each. NO one bought any of them. Sold on ebay for 36.00.
  5.  a vintage yo yo quilt that was cut apart into many pieces and stained: bought for 4.00. sold the first set of pieces (the worst ones) on ebay for 25.00. sold 3 small sections at an antique show for 12.00. I still have 4 times as many pieces left to sell. (shown above is on ebay starting oct. 2)

If you want to check it out do a seller search on ebay for librarianwca and click on completed auctions. Or check

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