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What is my vintage junk worth?

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Vintage stuff in my house

Vintage junk in my house

I can’t help it—I love JUNK! I love to find JUNK, buy JUNK, collect JUNK, and sell JUNK. When my friends ask me what I sell on ebay I say “antiques and collectibles,” but I know it is JUNK! I have been selling on ebay since 1998. Then the next question most people ask is “how much is MY junk worth?”

That is what this blog is about—helping people find out how much their “junk” is worth.

BLOG GOALS:                         

cookie jars and pottery

cookie jars & pottery--my dad made the shelves!

1. How to find JUNK

2. How to buy JUNK

3. How to sell JUNK (after you find out what it might be worth)

4. How to collect JUNK (Then you might have to skip number 3!)

5. How to tell you some of my stories about JUNK.

My “expert” areas of JUNK:

  1. vintage books
  2. vintage cookbooks
  3. vintage yearbooks
  4. vintage quilts
  5. vintage printed tablecloths
  6. vintage clothing
  7. vintage sewing
  8. Especially stuff I sell in my ebay store at:


I also dabble in many other categories such as toys and dolls, old paper, doilies and lace, fabric, chenille, cookie cutters, etc.

 I don’t do coins or stamps or tools or car parts or toasted pictures of the Virgin Mary.

Later in my blog I want to get into:                   

I love the old tablecloths!

I love the old tablecloths!

Different types of vintage fabric and lace

How to clean & store vintage fabrics                          

Unique ways to display collections

What vintage clothing belongs to what decade

Should I save that old piece of pottery or throw it out???


I am a “retired” school librarian so research is fun for me! I plan on doing as much as I can.


At least once a week I plan on doing my “five favorite vintage finds.” I will tell you what I paid for the item, what I expect to sell it for, and what I actually DO sell it for. (or not sell it for!) Most ebay sellers won’t give you $$$ figures on how much they make on items but I won’t be afraid!


PS: When I mention what I buy, I usually buy items at local estate sales but I will go into that later!

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