Video of my ebay store and vintage kitchen stuff I found

Above is a video I made a while ago that shows some of the stuff I had for sale (in my basement eBay store). Almost all of it has sold by now. I’m just testing the video process to see if I can use this in my blog.

Below is a video I took of some of the vintage kitchen items I got to resell on eBay and in my antique booth. Some will also go to a flea market. I bought these from a friend of mine who was cleaning out her grandmother’s house so most of it is from the 60s and 70s.

Vintage kitchen items are very collectible.  Check out the sold listings on eBay for vintage Sunbeam mixers, Waring blendors (modern spelling is blender), green or red handle utensils and flour sifters, vintage tupperware, etc. The Sunbeam mixers can go for over 200.00 if you have a special colored one!

Check out my eBay store at to find some of these items!

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