Hairloom Jewelry vintage Victorian keepsakes

This is a new twist on vintage Victorian mourning jewelry. And it’s not just for mourning, it’s also for any life celebration.


Hairloom Jewelry is a revival of the extremely popular Victorian Era “Hairwork” jewelry. Throughout history, hair has been used as a keepsake, as hair is one of the few natural materials that does not decay, lasting hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Whether from a close friend, lover, family member, or pet, a lock of hair has long symbolized love and bond throughout legend and myth. Initially, our focus was on using these as memorials, but why stop there? Why not create one in celebration as well? Sure, it can be used to remember the death of a loved one, but it can also be used to preserve a baby’s first haircut, a fiancé giving a lock of his hair to his partner, a member of the military giving one to a relative at the time of a deployment, or even a grandchild to a grandparent.

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