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Selling vintage tupperware: pickle keeper, coaster, canisters, mugs, and more!

Friday, August 22nd, 2014
vintage tupperware

pickle keeper

If you have seen some Tupperware in your yard sale and thrift store travels, then lucky you! These are good items for resale on eBay. This pickle keeper can sell for 7.00 -15.00.

vintage tupperware

wagon wheel coaster lid set

The wagon wheel coaster and lid set is popular and very cute! They sell for 4.00 – 24.00. A lot depends on the condition. If they are new and never used — top dollar!

vintage tupperware

pie single serve slices

Who doesn’t need the single serve pie keepers? Great for lunches too. The usually came in sets of 6 but just one can sell for 2.00 – 6.00.  These have the blue lids but they come in many colors.

vintage tupperware

canister set

I bought a set of these canisters in the 1970s. I still use mine! If you have a set that has never been used, you can expect to get close to 100.00 for it. I have these listed at a mere 15.00! The 2 small ones are the same size and the third size is missing. I also only have lids for the 2 larger ones.

vintage tupperware

vintage tupperware LOT

A tried and true way to sell Tupperware is to just take a bunch of it and sell it together as a lot. Lids alone also sell and don’t be afraid to sell containers without lids. Clean them with Mr. Clean sponge and you’ll be set!

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