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Monday, March 26th, 2012
vintage apron

vintage apron — patchwork

There is a particular auction house that I go to every month where the auctioneer calls me the “fabric lady.” One time I was getting in line to leave early and he yelled over at me to stay because he was going to put up the “fabric items” just for me. He knows I always bid on them and since this auction has about 80% men that attend it, they are not inerested in the fabric items. I can get some great deals and I am always hoping for tablecloths and aprons — my favorite! This purple apron is made of all patchwork like a quilt.

vintage apron

vintage apron — organdy

I call these items “linens” not fabric. This could include anything like quilts, doilies, table runners, lace, tablecloths, and aprons. The apron above is handmade from a see-through fabric sometimes called organdy. Beautiful!

vintage apron

vintage apron -- 1970s

I love this apron from the 70s! I am guessing the 70s because of the style of fabric and the use of mushrooms. Very 70s! Also handmade.

vintage apron

vintage apron — crocheted

Some fancier aprons were hand crocheted like this one. A lot of work went into this!

vintage apron

vintage apron — designer fabric

This apron is probably also from the 60s or 70s but is very unusual. I am calling the fabric designer fabric because it is just so beautiful and unusual. I don’t know the origin of it but this apron is also handmade.

As to what these aprons are worth, I have priced them about 12-15$ in my eBay store. I have also put one of them on auction just to see if the price goes any higher than that. This is how I judge their worth in today’s market. Most of the price depends on the condtion and detail. My aunt owns an antique shop where she specializes in linens and she sells aprons for 15 – 20$.

Right now on eBay, the prices of completed auctions for a single apron range from 1.50 to 89.00.

You can find any of my aprons at OR click on any of the photos above.

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Good junk from the Goodwill to sell on eBay: the Ungame, Wilton cake molds, Charlie Brown peanuts books

Saturday, March 17th, 2012
the ungame, wilton cake molds and charlie brown

the ungame, wilton cake molds and charlie brown

Here are a few of the items I found at the Goodwill store lately. What are they wrth? Could I sell them on eBay?

Yes, they are very “eBayable” items. Not worth a lot of money but considering the prices I paid at the Goodwill store, they are worth a shot!

The Ungame. I used to play this in the 1970s. It’s kind of fun. I’m sure there are others out there who remember this game fondly and would like to have it again! It sold recently for anywhere from $15-30.

Charlie Brown Books — This is a good one. The Peanuts characters are always popular. The prices range greatly though, depending on the age and condition of the book. A signed copy recently went for $175.00. Most of the common books will sell for about 5.00 each. It is nice to be able to put a “lot” of them together and sell them that way. I often wait until I can find at least 5 of them and sell them together.

Wilton cake pan — This particular pan is a stand up bear — smaller in size than a regular cake mold. They sold recently between $12 and $28. That surprised me a little! (I am including the postage when I quote prices). I didn’t think this one would go for that much. A lot depends on rarity when it comes to cake pans. I once got over $30 for a cookie monster cake pan!

Wee Sing cassette and songbook — I bought this because it was only 25 cents. I remember using this in Sunday School in the 1980s and it is still in the original package. I found a set of 3 that sold on eBay for 13.00 so I can probably get a few $$ for this. I like the fact that someone else will actually need this and I found it for them!

So support your local Goodwill or thrift shop. You’ll be helping others as well as yourself!

I’ll be listing these items this week in my store at

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