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Digging for treasure in Nevada and Arizona — turquoise and silver and gold mines — gold rush!

Friday, November 18th, 2011

bottom of a gold mine shaft

Somewhere in the hills of Nevada, off, off, off, off road! My daughter Leanne is at the bottom of a mine shaft. This is one of the 7 that we purchased through our jewelry store. This was quite an adventurous trip!

turquoise mine

turquoise mine

 This is a nice big nodule of turquoise found inside this particular mine. There was plenty of turquoise just lying outside the mine too. I plan on selling some of it on eBay soon!


Day 1: Fly from Philly to Phoenix, get ride to hotel, stay overnight in nice hotel

Day 2: Get ride to storage unit to pick up 2 vehicles and all the supplies we have stored, drive to Sunflower mine, ride in on extremely rocky roads (scary!), hike mountain for hours, find 4 new adits, drive out, get stopped by AZ police who thought we were growing marijuana (NOT!), drive to my brother’s house and pick him up, drive through the AZ mountains for 30 miles in a blinding snowstorm, stop at Kingman AZ for the night–finally!

Day 3: Nice hotel breakfast, drive past Las Vegas, drive 4+ more hours to Tonopah, Nevada, only passing about 3 towns on the way. Get supplies, talk to local people (very nice!), buy groceries, stay overnight in warm hotel.

Day 4: Wake up to a snow storm, drive south for a few miles and no snow–sun is out! Drive off road for an hour, off off off road for another 30 minutes or so to reach a high and very remote mountain where we set up camp. Drive across to another mountain, blow a tire, fix it, reach the turqouise mine, go inside, come back in the dark, make steaks on the fire, go to bed. The wind started picking up and was so bad I could not sleep the entire night. Sleet and snow were hitting the tent. So glad for a tent heater!

Day 5: Wake up to 30 mile per hour winds, 30 degrees, snow showers, and no sun. Made breakfast anyway and froze the entire day. Scott made an attempt to go down a 150 foot shaft. At least it was warm down there! Explored a short adit a few feet down the mountain. Went to bed at 6PM and the wind finally died down! Slept much better.

Day 6: Wake up to beautiful sunrise and no wind! It is barely 20 degrees but we hardly feel it with all of our layers on. Make french toast and bacon over the fire and start packing up all the tents and equipment. Drive across to the turqouise mine again, stay there 2 hours, get lots of rocks, drive off the mountain, stop for about an hour at another old gold mine to explore but the claims are all taken. Drive about an hour to get to the main highway. Tire is losing air and our “slime” is frozen. We warm it up in front of the truck heater and the tire makes it another 60 miles to the nearest town. We drive 4 more hours in the dark, losing our bucket toilet in the process (it flew off the back of the truck and we didn’t care!) Pass Las Vegas and end up at Kingman, AZ again, about 10 PM.

Day 7: Nice hotel room but when we wake up, the tire is flat. The last spare is also flat but civilization is nearby and we get a used tire to complete the journey. Now we don’t have time to drop off my brother at his home so his wife has to meet us enroute. A few hours later, we end up near Phoenix, return the vehicles and supplies to the storage unit and get picked up to get to the airport — in plenty of time! Just 4 1/2 hours on a plane and I’m finally home!

hiking in AZ

hiking in AZ —  Scott and I

I’ve never been so happy for a warm house! I kind of wanted to go outside to use the bathroom though — not!

dust storm in AZ

                                                                                                                                   Brief dust storm after our first hike.

gold mine shaft

gold mine shaft

 I think this is the one where a few bats were on the ceiling.

Visit my eBay store at! I find lots of local treasures to put in there!

Back from my mining trip for gold, silver, and turqouise. Hunting for treasure!

Friday, November 11th, 2011
mining in the mountains

mining in the nevada mountains

I don’t have many pictures yet and just got back last night but we are home! Yes, we found treasure and we had lots of adventures. This photo is my daughter standing by the tents where we were camping at 7000 feet in Nevada, a little below the town of  Tonopah. The turqouise from this mine was lying on the ground everywhere!

arizona gold mine

arizona gold mine

Some of our adventures in brief were:

1. driving through blinding snow for 30 miles

2. using one lane “roads” carved out of the side of a cliff by a bulldozer years ago (but not in the snow!)

3. driving on a tire with very little air for 60 miles because there is NOTHING around but mountains

4. 2 flat tires at various times

5. waking up to sleet and 20 degree weather in 30 mile per hour winds (just one night)

6. bats are cute close up when they are not moving

7. there IS gold, silver, and turqouise in them thar hills!

I’ll write with more detail in my next post. Still recuperating and getting back to my eBay sales!

Getting ready for my GOLD RUSH trip. Working in a silver and turquoise mine in Nevada

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
hiking boots NOT

hiking boots NOT


Leaving soon for my trip to the Nevada desert. We are working a silver and turquoise mine — gold too. (read my last post!) So I needed some hiking boots. We might be hiking a few miles and there will be lots of rocks and climbing for sure. So I went to my usual place to find stuff–the Goodwill store. I found these boots for 1.50. Bargain! Maybe not. My son in law told me NO GOOD. “You gotta have lots of ankle support, leather in case there’s a rattlesnake or something else that might bite you, warmth for the cold.” It’s going to be in the 40’s by day and 20’s by night.

Hiking boots YES

Hiking boots YES

So, we went to Cabelo’s and I bought this pair of hiking boots for 99.00. They better be worth it! They threw my bargain bone out of whack. Ouch!

long underwear

long underwear

Cabelo’s also had some nice thermal “base layers” (can you say long underwear?) for 55.00 a piece. Not a pair, a PIECE. I shopped at Kohl’s instead and got both top and bottom for 22.00 after my discounts. (they would have been 25.00 each at regular price). I HOPE I’m not cold. I HATE the cold. We do have heaters in our tents at night though. I should be OK with the Kohl’s stuff if I wear lots of layers.

keep warm!

keep warm!

I’ve got plenty of other stuff to keep warm. Also bought a folding knife for the “wilderness” and we already have tents, blankets, sleeping mats, picks, and everything needed to cook in the middle of nowhere for 3 days. Bathroom is a tent with a hold in the ground. We’ll be using it a lot because we have to drink bottles of water everyday (and night) due to the high dry altitude. Hope I don’t get altitude sickness either.


smart wool socks

smart wool socks

I also bought a pair of SMART wool socks. 14.00. I’m trying them out today. They better be REALLY smart. Follow me on twitter and facebook as I will try to update those through my phone if I can’t update this blog.

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