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SELLING ON EBAY this weekend

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
philadelphia eagles girls cheerleader outfit

philadelphia eagles girls cheerleader outfit

So it’s November and things are heating up on eBay as they are in most retail markets. What did I sell this weekend? Well, I list 6 things a day plus I also have an eBay store that anyone can buy out of at any time. That means I am happy if I sell at least 6 things in one day.

However, on just Sunday this week, I sold 10 items!

partylite candleholder

partylite candleholder

They were:

Royersford town history book 8.00

knoll new mousepad 9.00

partylite candleholder 4.30

lizwear pre-owned jeans 8.00

Eddie Bauer cropped pre-owned jeans 8.00

7 rubber stamping books 5.00

Nova new jeans 8.00

black pre-owned sweater 6.00

Oakland raiders girls outfit pre-owned 16.19

Philadelphia eagles girls outfit pre-owned 6.00


rubber stamping book

rubber stamping books

So where did I find all these items to sell? I got the girls outfits at my church rummage sale for 1.00 each, the books were from an auction lot where I paid 1.00 for an entire box, the other clothing was from the goodwill clearance bins at 75 cents each. The knoll mousepads were from a surplus auction where I bought about 100 of them for less than 1.00 each.

Hope this gives you an idea of what you can do and where you might find items to sell on eBay!


Almost free Halloween costumes to sell on eBay next year!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
24 new costumes

24 new costumes

How do I find great costumes to sell at Halloween for a great price? I buy them the year before! Yes, I have a nice large place to store items so that helps.

After every holiday, Target usually does a 75% off sale and then if you can hit it just right, they clear out all holiday items at 90%! Yes, I hit 3 Target stores in my area yesterday and picked up a total of 34 costumes for less than 50$. The most expensive costume was a 19.99 one for 1.99. I just packed them all in a bin and will get them out next year and sell them for half price or a little more and they will fly out of my store! (I know because I had some this year).

dog costumes

dog costumes

10 of those costumes were for dogs! You can dress your dog like a ram or a blowfish or a submarine! Very unusual so I think they will do well next year.

dog in sheep's clothing costume

dog in sheep’s clothing costume

I just listed this one in my eBay store. Sure, it’s a costume but it could also be a blanket for a cold day! I have 3 of these in a large size and listed them at 8.00 with free shipping. Ok, they cost me 1.29! I think they will sell soon!

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