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SELLING fabric on eBay/quilts/sewing/vintage/chenille REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!

Monday, May 31st, 2010
patriotic fabric

patriotic fabric

I sell a lot of fabric on eBay. Right now though I only have one auction and 2 listings in my store with fabric. Why? Because it usually sells very quickly! If you have been to a fabric store lately, the prices are quite high. Usually it is sold by the yard. On eBay, there are may ways to sell fabric. You can list it by the yard or in strips or jelly rolls or panels or squares–sometimes called fat quarters.


A fat quarter is an 18 x 22 inch piece. Most fabric is about 44 inches wide. If you buy a quarter yard you get a piece that is 9 x 44. If you buy a fat quarter, the yard is cut into 4 pieces of 18 x 44 each. For a quilter, this offers more versatility for use of the piece. So if you have a lot of pieces of fabric lying around that you are not using, you could cut them into fat quarters and sell them as pre cut pieces. I plan on doing this soon but haven’t done it yet because I have a lot of pieces that I can sell by the yard.

vintage fabric

vintage fabric


If you use a program like hammertap (see sidebar) you can gather a lot of information on what is selling on eBay. Some of the higher priced fabrics are specialty ones like silk, jacquard, upholstery and bulk lots. If you have any of this, make sure you use those keywords in your title. The word LOT is a much searched word as well so if you have more than 2 pieces, use the word LOT in your title. It is better than the word BULK. Just do a completed search and sort it for “highest price” and you can find other keywords to use. (or use the HAMMERTAP program!)

vintage chenille bedspread

vintage chenille bedspread


Of course, if you want to sell fabric you have to either find something unusual or find something at an awesome price! I do find a lot of my fabric at the local estate auctions. I can buy a box for 1$ there. However, another good source is yard sales and thrift shops. I have a Goodwill store that sells clothing by the piece at 75 cents in their outlet store. I often will buy a piece of clothing that has some beautiful fabric and cut it up into pieces. (fat quarters) Sometimes you get some nice buttons and other trim this way too! The larger the size, the more fabric you get out of it. I made a number of crazy quilt pillows this way in the past.

Sheets and old blankets are great fabric too! I sell a lot of chenille bedspreads that have holes and stains because people use the fabric for teddy bears and other craft projects. Use the word CUTTER in the title if you have any fabric like this with holes or stains.

scrap fabric pillows

scrap fabric pillows

Fabric is all around you just waiting to be reused and recycled. Keep your eyes open and you can turn some free stuff into cash!

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Lazy Lasagna Casserole … try it!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I just made this tonight and it was so yummy and easy, I am posting the recipe for my facebook friends..and anyone else!

8 oz. egg noodles (pasta ribbons)

1 ½ lb. ground beef

2 cups spaghetti sauce

1/3 cup  onion chopped

8 oz. cream cheese

1 cup cottage cheese

½ cup sour cream

1. Cook noodles until tender. Drain and set aside.

2. Brown beef and onions; add spaghetti sauce

3. Mix cheeses and sour cream

4. In 3 quart casserole, pour half the noodles. Top with cheese and cream mixture and cover with remaining noodles. Top with beef mixture.

5. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes

The cream and cheese mixture make it so yummy and it’s easier than lasagna!

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The Tortoise and the Hare wins the race on eBay!

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

The tortoise and the hare

The tortoise and the hare

This is me (the tortoise with the trophy) in a play that I was in a few weeks ago. It was “Aesop’s Fables.” Because we don’t have a lot of actors, I got to play 3 characters…the lion, the grasshopper, and this one—the turtle. You know what the turtle always says…..”SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!”

Well, that is what I apply to my business on eBay! Lots of things have changed on eBay since I started selling in 1998. Lots of people complain about the changes. My uncle complains because he used to get 100.00 for items that are now more common (because of more exposure on eBay) that sell for 20.00. My friend (nameless) complains because she has to use paypal for all her transactions and she hates the fees. These 2 people no longer sell on eBay. I am still on eBay and will stay on eBay because slow and steady wins the race! I just learn to adapt and keep going. I list about 6 items everyday and just keep going and going and yes I keep making money, whether a lot or a little, it’s still a good business!

vintage seing ad more!

vintage sewing and more!

eBay vintage junk

eBay vintage junk

I’m not hurting for inventory. Here’s some of my junk—organized and unorganized that is waiting to be listed on eBay. I get more every week. I mainly go to local estate sales for vintage items and to the thrift stores for clothing. I rarely pay more than 1.00 for any one thing that I list. OK, a few nice things I might pay 5-10$ for. I never pay more than 1$ for clothing though!
Slow and steady wins the race so I will keep listing and selling until I get tired of it. I’ve been at it for over 11 years now so…..
platform shoes

platform shoes

Here’s some crazy shoes I just listed today. Click on any photo or click  HERE to go to my store and visit my slow and steady listings!

Vintage books, crochet hooks, Barbie clothing, and vintage crochet thread

Monday, May 10th, 2010
You sure lose a lot of eBay time by going on vacation. I didn’t want anything listed while I was gone because I wasn’t sure how often I could reply to questions and of course I couldn’t send anything out. Then my printer went down right before I left and when I came back the internet was not working for  over 24 hours. Help! Well, I am back in business now for about a week and things are finally picking up.
Ebay is still a little slow right now but here re some things that are selling for me.
classic book sets

classic book sets

I sure lost a lot of eBay time by going on vacation! I didn’t want anything listed while I was gone because I wasn’t sure how often I could reply to questions and of course I couldn’t send anything out. Then my printer went down right before I left and when I came back the internet was not working for  over 24 hours. Help! Well, I am back in business now for about a week and things are finally picking up.

Ebay is still a little slow right now but here are some things that are selling for me. Sets of classic books like the one I have shown in the photo above. As a former librarian, I like to find vintage books to sell. It is a lot of hit and miss though. This set I have listed for 5.00 and I have one opening bid so far. It is over later today so it may not go any higher. Sometimes complete sets like this from the 1920s or so can go up to 50.00. The condition has to be good.

crochet hooks

crochet hooks

I don’t think I have ever failed to sell crochet hooks. They are easy to pick up at local estate sales and I usually get 5-10 dollars for a bunch of them since they are much more expensive in the craft stores.

barbie doll clothing

barbie doll clothing

Barbie doll clothing of any type almost always sells. I have to list a nice size lot of it and the genuine Barbie is the best. This lot is all handmade clothing though and is probably at least 30 years old. The auction is not over yet as I write this but I expect 5-10$ for a lot of this size. Again, the condition must be very good.

crochet thread

crochet thread

I am not sure why crochet thread sells as well as it does. I do find these spools quite often at the estate sales and I can pick them up for a very low price. I guess there are some crafters out there who still do hand crocheting with this thread! The multi colored ones sell the best and I had to clean a  lot of fuzz off of these to get them ready to sell. I think they were stored with some furs! I got 30.00 for a lot of multi-colored thread a few months ago. These are still on auction but I expect about 5-10$ for a lot of this size.

I hope this gives you an idea of the vintage items you could sell on eBay if you can find them in your area, and what they might be worth.

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Secrets Capri resort Cancun Mexico/Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Someone else asked about the room. I think most of the rooms on our floor (third floor) were the honeymoon suites. They could be slightly different from this video but probably very close to it! The honeymoon suites had a sash across the door welcoming the couples and there were quite a few on our floor and I think the rooms are all the same on this floor. Some were facing the ocean like ours but others were not. Just ignore the funny man (my husband) in the video. We made these videos mainly for our family! but I am happy to share the resort with you.

Secrets Capri Resort Caribbean Party–Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Someone asked if I would post photos of the Caribbean party. It was dark and this video is not real clear but it gives you an idea! The food was awesome and there was so much of it. The regular dishes are in the silver servers and there was a bread table, a sushi table, a chef making paella, another chef grilling whatever you wanted, and of course, the desserts on the cart. The music and dancing lasted about an hour after the food. You could get any drinks you wanted and they had a craft show from the locals. The weather was so beautiful at that time of night–7-9PM with the moon out over the ocean. The party was right in front of the pool. The waiters all wore the big straw hats.

Greetings from Cancun Mexico and Secrets Capri resort

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Hello bloggers. Yes, I am on vacation now and will return in a few days. I used my eBay sales to get here and it didn’t take long to save up! I will post pix when I get back to my own computer. I stopped all my eBay sales while I was gone but still sold items from my store everyday. I just left an eBay message that I will process them at a later date. Thank you customers!

and yes this place is awesome!

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