Helpful resources for selling on ebay using hammertap, vzaar, and more!

HAMMERTAP is a great system of statistics for determining what to sell on eBay or any internet site. The stats are very specific. If gives you the best time of day to list, the best day to list, whether or not you should use an auction or fixed price format, and a list of most used keywords. That is just the beginning of using this tool. It is very helpful and worth looking at the free trial!

Another great ebook that I have read is called Thrift store goldmine. I could have written this book because I agree and use all the tips in it! The only difference for me is that I find most of my items at local estate sales and auctions rather than thrift stores but I look for a lot of the same things. This book give so many tips all in one place, it is really worth the price.   THRIFT STORE GOLDMINE

You can use youtube for uploading and using video but another site that is specifically for ebay videos is called VZAAR. All you have to do is upload the video and then search for the listing you want to insert it into, click once and it is embedded for you! Check out this FREE service at:Vzaar_120x60_animated1

and check out how my listings are doing at

vintage reading and grammar books 1870+

vintage reading and grammar books 1870+

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