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Antique vintage NUN doll/what will she sell for?

Friday, October 30th, 2009


I have an old antique doll listed on eBay right now. She is dressed like a nun and made of composition. I don’t know how old she is and there is no manufacturer so it is very hard to tell what she might be worth. I started the auction at 7.00. I am not sure how much I paid for her—I think it was either 5 or 6$. Here is the listing… NUN DOLL. I also added a video to the listing to make it more descriptive. You can click on it above. The auction will be over Tues. November 3 so I will report back how much she is worth!

see all my eBay sales at:


Saturday, October 24th, 2009

My 5 favorite finds from local estate sales and what they sold for on eBay:

tomas the tank engine playmat




thomas the tank engine playmat

  1. 6 white linen napkins, vintage but like new and very large—about 22 inches square. They sold for 19.49. I bought these for 6.00 a box and there were a few sets of napkins and some tablecloths in the box. Most were like new and didn’t need much attention—NICE!

  2. Thomas the Tank engine playmat—brand new. Sold for 10.49. Someone got a nice bargain! I bought about 10 of these at an auction a few months ago and no one else bid on them so I got all 10 of them for 1.00. So anything I can sell them for is profit! I like listing them because it only takes a few clicks to relist a same item. I am still listing them at

    vintage wooden spools

    vintage wooden spools


  3. 60 wooden spools –over 2 pounds—sold for 5.50. OK, it’s not a big price but when you consider I bought about 5 boxes of these for 1.00 a box and I have been selling them over and over for the last month, it adds up to over 50.00 so far just on the spools. They are old ones and new ones. Sweet! And still on sale at!

  4. 3 vintage velour ladies hats 8.49. Not much again but the cheap people at my flea market wouldn’t even buy them for 1.00 each! Ebayers have a lot more sense! The person who bought them wanted the black one for a Mary Poppins outfit. Perfect! I love when people tell me how they are going to use the items.

  5. NEW pair of Easy Spirit white shoes sold for 36.97. Awesome! I got these at an estate sale and they looked like no one ever wore them. Again, no one at the sale was bidding on a pile of pottery (me neither!) so he added the shoes and I couldn’t even really see what was on the pile because I was on the other side of the room at the time. As is my habit, I “feel sorry” for anything that is not getting a decent bid so I stuck my hand up and got EVERYTHING for 1.00. I noticed the shoes were pretty nice so I decided to try them on eBay and we all got a good deal!


NEW Italian leather gloves on eBay until Oct. 30

NEW Italian leather gloves on eBay until Oct. 30

SOME STATS FROM HAMMERTAP (see sidebar) on my auctions.

In the last 30 days, I listed 145 items and sold 99 for a 68.28 % sell through rate (pretty good). My average sale price per item was 6.77. (NOT very good but I sold tons of 3 and 4$ Halloween stuff!) My total sales were 859.76. Not as high as usual but I sold a LOT of stuff! I also sell at local antique malls and flea markets. Such as and Stop by if you are ever in the area! PA is great for antiques and sales.

What did the quilt sell for?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Remember that quilt I showed in the video a few days ago? (see Oct. 12 ).

I promised I would tell you what it sold for. The final bid was 48.44. I think I got more interest in it because I used a video. If you sell on ebay, this is very easy. Go to and upload your videos and then click to put them in your auctions. That’s it! It doesn’t cost anything extra either. Any video site (including youtube) could also be used.

You can see the auction here.

Check out my new auctions at 

newly listed NEW Italian leather gloves

newly listed NEW Italian leather gloves

My secret to finding brand name jeans to sell on eBay.

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

NY jeans on auction until 10-23


NY jeans on auction until 10-23

I promised my twitter followers that I would tell them my secret for finding all the jeans I sell on eBay.

It’s the Goodwill store! Not just any Goodwill store—certain stores (in my area—and maybe yours) have a clearance store where all they sell is clothing thrown into bins at 75 cents a piece. We have one in Morgantown, PA and it is HUGE. They change the merchandise every day too. I find lots of great bargains for the grandchildren and myself too but I just recently started looking specifically for brand name jeans in excellent condition. I bought 11 pair last week.

I start them on eBay at 3.00 (plus the postage is usually for 2 pounds) and sometimes they sell for that but I usually get up to 10$ or more. If they don’t sell on auction, I move them into my eBay store and price them at 9.99. I have sold quite a few that way too! The best brand for me so far has been the Tommy Hilfiger ones. I’ve sold at least 4 of those so far.

They are easy to list too. I take 3 photos and measure the inseam. Descriptions are short and to the point. That’s it!

Click on a photo or go to

Bill Blass jeans on auction until 10-23

Bill Blass jeans on auction until 10-23

Story of the Halloween costume auction

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

3 weeks ago I was at my usual local auction eyeing up

on auction until 10-21

on auction until 10-21

the merchandise. The first thing they sell is a bunch of boxed stuff that is outside the firehouse where they hold the auction. Some of it was just junk that didn’t sell the week before so they box it up and you buy it by the box—sometimes for 50 cents or 1.00 a box. The last couple of weeks they also had “leftover” plants from some nursery and you could get a tree for under 5.00 and mums for 1.00. I got 2 yellow ones for my yard.

 I saw a box of books I had my eye on that I later got for 50 cents but I didn’t see much else. Some old dressers, dirty rugs, boxes of glassware and dishes, and tons of other junk. Then I looked over on the grass under the trees. Halloween costumes?? OK, that might be interesting. Wow, new ones too. Some of them were Lillian Vernon and Rubies and there were probably about 100 of them on the 2 tables and in boxes under the table. My mind started racing—is he going to sell them by the piece or by the box or by the table full?

 thing halloween costumeHave to plan my strategy because this looks like a good deal. So I’m thinking, if he sells them by the piece I would be willing to pay 1$ a piece but I don’t want all those costume parts—only the real costumes. I don’t really want the skeleton gloves and the unicorn hats and the princess hats and all those leotards. I don’t know if I can sell those.

 The M&M costumes look good and the character ones like Superman and the Thing and Bugs Bunny,etc. Maybe he’ll sell them by the box or table full. How much would I pay for a box full? Gotta plan!

 So, about 30 minutes into the auction he comes over to the 

a few of these left!

a few of these left!

tree area and gets started on the costumes. He starts them by the piece and the bid is up to 5.00 so I drop out. The first bidder only takes a few from the table. I jump in again at 1.00 a piece. He is only selling the ones on the table at first. No one else bids!! I get to pick whatever I want from the tabletop at 1.00 a piece. I am always careful—too careful—and I only take 11 costumes. Then he moves on to the ones under the table. I bid again at 1.00 a piece. The M&M ones are there and they are really cute. No one bids against me again and I get about 10 more costumes. Wow, I’m on a roll now. I hope he does the usual and puts everything that is left all together in one lot for one price and I can get them for even less than 1.00 each. Oops, he announces that he is not going any lower than 1.00 and he is going to sell the rest of them next week. Boo! I should have taken more than I did at 1.00 each. Oh well, I will list the ones I have and be ready for next week.

 Wow, this story is longer than I expected! Anyway, I list a

fixed price 6$ good until cancelled

fixed price 6$ good until cancelled

bunch of them on eBay in fixed price and a few of the single ones on auction. I also give all the M&M and Bugs Bunny ones (and a few more) to my daughter-in-law to sell. They start selling as soon as I list them because I can start them LOW since I got them LOW. And I can’t wait until next week to get the rest of them.

Next week comes and I see the costumes inside the firehouse on the back table. The auction starts at noon and goes until “whenever.” Of course, there are other things I want to buy but by 5PM the auction is almost over and he hasn’t done the costumes! He is standing right in front of me when he says, “Oh, is anyone interested in the costumes?” I say “YES.” And the rest of the story is… I get about 30 mores costumes for 1.00 a piece and then I get the skeleton gloves and leotards and unicorn hats (all new) for 2.00 for the entire box. 

 So, you can still see a FEW of the costumes I have left at and at my daughter-in-law’s site at But you won’t find any leotards (sold for 6$ each) or skeleton hands (sold for 3$ each) because they are all GONE already! With eBay, you never know!!!                


NEW M&M costume

NEW M&M costume



A vintage patchwork quilt: starting price 9.99

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I am trying my hand at adding video to my site. Click on the video below to see a vintage quilt that is selling on ebay from Oct. 11 through Oct. 18 (and maybe later if it doesn’t sell on auction!) Follow it at:

Here’s the story: I bought this quilt at a local estate sale. I think I paid about 5.00 for it–I’m not sure. It has wear and tear around the edges and it smelled a little musty when I got it. I just washed it in the washing machine and hung it over my deck to dry. A big NO NO but I figured what the heck, if I wreck it, it didn’t cost me very much!

It turned out pretty nice and smelled fresh. Then I took it to an antique sale in Kutztown, PA. I had it marked for 50.00. I didn’t sell it. (I did sell other quilts though!) So last week I decided it was time to put it up on eBay. So there it is! Follow it at: antique vintage quilt/patchwork  if you are a crazy vintage quilt lover staying up late at night just to watch quilt auctions!

What are my vintage linens and quilts and tablecloths worth?

Sunday, October 11th, 2009


Linens is a generic term for quilts, tablecloths, doilies, lace, tea towels, etc. Anything made of cloth! Perhaps you have some passed down to you from a family member or you have found some at a thrift shop or yard sale. This is my favorite category to sell in on eBay because I love the feel of the old fabrics. I find a lot of “linens” at estate sales because women were very proud of their table settings and bedroom items in times past. OK, we still are, but it was very special to have a handmade quilt or embroidered tablecloth and you just didn’t get rid of that sort of thing.


vintage tablecloth

vintage tablecloth


  When I bid on these items at estate auctions, I can usually get them for a very reasonable price (with the exception of a nice quilt!). The reason is that they don’t display very well at an auction (they might just look like old rags) and people are thinking (especially men!) that they don’t want to wash and iron it and take the chance of it having holes or stains. I can usually pick up a box of doilies for 1-2$ and a tablecloth for 2-4$. There could be a lot of waste though with torn and badly stained items but there are also the great treasures and that is what I buy for!

My favorites are the printed tablecloths from the 1950s. They can have such a variety of bold flowers and scenery and fruit and geometric designs or animals printed on them. AND the stains are usually easily removed on the white backgrounds. There are even good brand names like Startex and Vera and Wilendur.

Their value depends on the condition and the style and the amount of handwork on the piece. Here are some recent examples from eBay(not mysales):

vintage printed tablecloth with chefs and cooks: sold for 76.00

vintage triangle quilt: sold for 386.99

black americana vintage tea towel sold for 36.99

Most of this info is easily found by searching completed auctions on eBay and sorting them from highest to lowest price.

chenille bedspread I sold

chenille bedspread I sold

Another great tool that I use for more detailed pricing information is Hammertap (see sidebar!). This is an eBay marketing tool that gives you all kinds of crazy stats on products, categories, and sellers. Here is what I found:

(Info was sorted for June 4-Oct. 4, 2009)

All categories listed were subcategories of the “collectibles” category (not home and garden).

1. Lace, crochet, and doilies: has a 32% sell-through rate (sell-through means that is the percentage of items that actually sold in the time period) and an average sell price of 10.24. Highest price was for a lot of 53 crocheted doilies that sold for 19.99.

2. quilts: 51 % sell-through rate, average sell price of 42.46. Highest price was for an antique 1930’s Dresden plate quilt with feedsack fabric that sold for 338.00

3. tablecloths: 50% sell-through rate, average sell price of 19.32. Highest price was for a WWII silk shawl tablecloth in brocade that sold for 311.00.

4. sheets and pillowcases: 55% sell-through rate, average sell price of 15.21. Highest price was for a vintage bedsheet with pink embroidery and crocheted lace that sold for 262.77

 Hammertap (see sidebar!) stats give a very realistic picture of the marketplace and what you can expect to sell an item for and if it is worth your while to sell in a specific category. I sell LOTS of linens and have an overall sell-through rate of 65%. (anything over 50% is supposed to be very good!)

Some of my recent linen sales:

Christmas vintage printed tablecloth: sold for 5.00 (someone got a great deal) although it did have a repaired hole and one stain!


click on the photo to view the auction

click on the photo to view the auction



morgan jones popcorn chenille bedspread: sold for 30.99 even though it was faded (the brand name helped sell this one!)

click to view cheninlle auction

click to view chenille auction











Log cabin vintage quilt: sold for 19.38. This is what you call a “cutter” quilt because it is not in very good condition but it can be “cut apart” for other projects. I was happy with the price since I bought the quilt for 4.00.

a cutter log cabin quilt

a "cutter" log cabin quilt












Right now I have a few quilts that I need to clean and a pile of about 5 that I need to list. I also have some nice crocheted afghans that can sometimes be big losers but I hope I picked the good ones—we’ll see! Follow my auctions at And if you love STATS check out HAMMERTAP!


Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I’ll give you the story that goes with each item, what I paid for it at a local estate auction, and how much I got for it on eBay. Maybe you have some cool auctions in your area and you can do this too!

Snoopy garden flag

Snoopy garden flag

  1. garden flag with Snoopy and a pumpkin: I bought an entire box of not new garden flags for 1.00 for the whole box. I sold many of the flags at a flea market for 1.00 each. I kept a few that I thought were nicer and that had a holiday theme. I recently listed 3 “fall” ones on ebay and the Snoopy one sold for 33.99 (I was hoping for about 5.00).
  2. rhinoceros costume: I have a lot of  costumes on eBay right now because I bought over 50 costumes at an estate sale for 1.00 each. I also got some costume parts and pieces for 10/1.00. These were all new-in-the-bag costumes. This rhino costume had an original price on it of 24.99 and I sold it for 16.40 so everyone got a good deal!
  3. Cinderella costume: This was a very nice quality costume that
    cinderella costume

    cinderella costume

     I bought a few months ago and put it away for this time of year. I had to wash it since there was dirt on the skirt but it came right out. It was not new but it was in like new condition (after I washed it!). I paid 1.00 for an entire box of clothing and this was in the box, along with a waitress costume, and 2 others (that I also sold). The Cinderella costume sold for 12.06.

  4. brown leather women’s jacket: I bought this at an auction last year and paid 2.00 for it along with 2 other leather jackets for 2.00 each. They all fit me (yea!) so I wore this one for a while and then decided I didn’t need it any more. It sold for 15.50 so someone else also got a great bargain!
  5. Sears catalog from 1966 fall/winter. I paid 2.00 for this and sold it for 13.01. It was in good condition with a little wear. This was an average price for the 60s. I also had a 1970 one that I did not sell, so I am going to list it in my eBay store. If I ever find the Christmas Sears catalogs, I will snatch those up because they can sell on eBay for up to and over 100$ depending on age and condition.

 Hope these examples help you find some bargains or help you price your own JUNK!

vintage costume selling on eBay starting Oct. 6

vintage costume selling on eBay starting Oct. 6

selling at

What’s in the Attic? Should I throw it out?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
this flag lists on ebay today oct. 5

this flag lists on ebay today oct. 5

I was helping a friend clean out her attic a few years ago. I LOVED it! I know, I might be a little strange but if you are reading my blog, you might be a little strange too! She had stuff up there from the 1950s and on. It was one of those attics that you have to use a ladder to get into a little hole in the ceiling so you just don’t go up there too often. Vintage heaven!

Well, her son was helping too. He had the job of climbing the ladder and throwing the JUNK down on the floor.

My job was to catch what I could and start setting it out so we could go through it.

The dust started to fly! My friend kept yelling at her son, “George, (not his real name!) what are you doing?? Stop throwing that stuff down here! Be careful! You’re going too fast!”

“Mom, I can’t help it, there’s no other way to get it all out!”

So it was raining toys and baby clothing and lots of dust bunnies—more like dust elephants!

Some of the JUNK we found and my estimate of what it sold for on ebay (I don’t remember exactly):

Baby clothes from the 50s in lots of about 5-6 pieces each 12.00/lot (after a good washing!)

Cowboy and Indian playset from the 60s: 36.00  

some clothes I sold recently

some clothes I sold recently

Liddle Kiddle dolls (her daughter did not want to sell those but they are worth about an average of 50$ each in good condition)

Doll case, no particular brand but cute: 9.00

Doll clothing, 1960s, no particular brand: 4.00 or more each

Old newspapers, 1950s: just about worthless unless they are perfect and from some great event—we threw them out.

Sheet music and songbooks, 1970s: songbooks about 5.00 each and sheet music about 2.00 each depending on the graphics

An old potty chair: maybe 2.00 until my dad fixed it up real nice—then maybe 20.00 (we didn’t sell it)



The 3 things that determine value are:

  1. CONDITION CONDITION!!!                                                                                     
  2.  age
  3. manufacturer/brand
  4. “it depends” (oops that looks like 4)


this chenille had damage but sold for 30.99
this chenille had damage but sold for 30.99


 Condition: a chipped glass is worth about 95% of its value but a small (or large) wear on an antique quilt is not the end of its life

 Age: a doll or toy from the 1980s can be valuable but a dishtowel from the 1980s is NOT (try 1930s though and you are getting close!)

 Manufacturer/brand: Any of the dolls and doll clothing that were marked with Mattel, Ideal, Vogue, Madame Alexander, etc. would be worth a lot more than an unbranded one. (same goes for glassware, pottery, clothing, etc.)

As you can see, “it depends” on what it is and what kind of demand there is for it. It depends on how rare it is. It depends on its condition and it depends on how much time you want to spend cleaning or repairing it. You can find out a lot about an item by doing a completed search on ebay. More about that later! I have to go wash some old baby clothing……….   

I love these old spools, listed on ebay until Oct. 9

I love these old spools, listed on ebay until Oct. 9

top 5 vintage finds in the last 3 months!

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
nike sneakers I sold

nike sneakers I sold

pieces of yo yo quilt
pieces of yo yo quilt

My 5 favorite vintage finds:

Since this is my first post in this category, I am going to give you my 5 best finds in the last 3 months and how I sold them. They are:

  1. pair of vintage NIKE sneakers: bought for 2.00 (along with 3 basketball shirts) sold on ebay for 158.50
  2. set of 12 damask linen napkins: bought an entire box of these for 6.00 (probably about 6 sets but these were the nicest) sold on ebay for 40.99
  3. 48 unopened packs of garbage pail kids cards, 3rd series: bought for 10.00. sold on ebay for 56.00 (and I am STILL waiting for the customer to pay!)
  4. 10 stephen king paperback books: bought for 50 cents a box (there were other books in the box as well). Tried to sell them at a flea market for 50 cents each. NO one bought any of them. Sold on ebay for 36.00.
  5.  a vintage yo yo quilt that was cut apart into many pieces and stained: bought for 4.00. sold the first set of pieces (the worst ones) on ebay for 25.00. sold 3 small sections at an antique show for 12.00. I still have 4 times as many pieces left to sell. (shown above is on ebay starting oct. 2)

If you want to check it out do a seller search on ebay for librarianwca and click on completed auctions. Or check

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