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Buying vintage items at local estate sale auctions. Vintage doll, bedspread, book, Edith Flagg

November 2nd, 2016

I go to estate auctions a LOT! This is where I find a lot of my vintage junk….. errr…… treasures! Yes, treasures! I used to go to one almost every week but now I’m down to about one every other week. They are tons of fun and this video shows some of the vintage items that I bought at the auction. I try to give you an idea of what some of the items are worth.

vintage nun doll

vintage nun doll

Here’s a vintage nun doll I bought recently I thought she looked kind of scary so I listed her before Halloween but as of Oct. 31, she had not sold yet. She is listed on eBay for 44.99. You can find her HERE.

vintage acetate bedspread

vintage acetate bedspread

I often find bedspreads and chenille blankets because people have saved these over the years and when they downsize they get rid of them. This one is in beautiful condition and is made of acetate so it’s kind of shiny and slippery. I have it listed at 49.99 and you can find it HERE.

edith flagg dress

edith flagg dress

I just love this dress and the story behind it. I saw the tag “Edith Flagg” on the dress but until I researched it, I didn’t realize who Edith Flagg was. She was the first designer to use polyester in the USA. She also is the grandmother of Josh Flagg, one of the realtors on the Bravo show Million Dollar Listing, Los Angeles. She has a super interesting story about fleeing Nazi Germany (read on Wikipedia). Sadly, she passed away recently. I have this listed on eBay for 49.99 with best offer. You can see it HERE.

vintage Zane Grey book

vintage Zane Grey book

Ok, one more find, I can’t resist. This Zane Grey book still has the dust jacket and is the fist book written by the western author, Zane Grey. It’s great when you can find a vintage book that still has the dust jacket. I have this listed for 18.99 and you can find it HERE.

Vintage cookbooks Selling on eBay Better Homes, Betty Crocker, Lily Wallace and more

March 30th, 2016

This is my vintage video #6 in a series that I have done at my youtube channel: It is basically about vintage cookbooks but I also have a part in the beginning where I show parts of my other eBay collections. You can skip over that part if you like!

vintage cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens

I mention the famous cookbooks like this Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. This one has the non-diagonal plaid where the later ones have the diagonal pattern.

vintage cookbook

Betty Crocker vintage cookbook

vintage cookbook

Betty Crocker Cake and Frosting Cookbook


Betty Crocker also made a lot of vintage cookbooks on various topics.

vintage cookbook

General Foods cookbook

A few years ago, I sold another copy of this vintage cookbook to a theatre for their 1960s production.

vintage cookbook

Salt Free cookbook

vintage cookbook

Amy Vanderbilt cookbook

vintage cookbook

Osterizer Blender cookbook


A few others that are popular are vintage “healthy” cookbooks, Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cookbook, and cook booklets for various vintage appliances like the Osterizer Blender.


vintage cookbook

my vintage cookbook collection for eBay

Most of these are available in my eBay store at but they do sell rather quickly! I find many at local estate auctions but also in thrift stores. My prices range from 10.00 to 20.00. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something!

Buying and selling vintage purses

January 26th, 2016

Here is my latest video in my series of vintage videos. This one is vintage video #5  — vintage purses. My hope is to try to help others identify some vintage purses. I am not an expert but I like to teach others what I do know and what I have in my collection to “show and tell.”

vintage beaded purse

vintage beaded purse

My collection of purses are all for sale on eBay. This is one of the beaded purses. It is listed at 39.99. It is an evening bag from about the 1940s.

vintage purse white

vintage lame purse

This is also an older evening bag, listed at 24.99. I call it gold lame (lam AY) because of the fabric on the outside. It has a brass “kiss” clasp (closes like a kiss) and a long gold chain.

vintage 1950s purse

vintage 1950s purse

This is a very popular and common style from the 1950s/60s. It is the type of purse found on shows like “Mad Men.” It is black like a box with a brass kiss clasp and is sometimes called a “Kelly” purse, after Grace Kelly. It also is “footed.” My listing on eBay shows  a better photo of this! (it might not show up if it is already sold).

vintage purse collection

vintage purse collection

This shows a couple of more beaded purses from my collection.

purse collection

purse collection

I hang some of my purses and hats that I have for sale from a hatrack on the wall. Most of these are not vintage except the leather one on the bottom that I have also shown in the video. I see a Laurel Burch cat purse there too!

You can find most of these purses and a lot more at where I have an ever changing collection. Feel free to browse my store to get an idea of what kind of prices to expect from a vintage purse. You will find many others selling them for a LOT more! Thanks for looking!

You can find the rest of my vintage videos at 



Selling vintage toys on eBay

December 10th, 2015

I recently made a video (with some special guests) about selling vintage toys on eBay. I didn’t have very many toys to show because they are hard to find and are not really my specialty. I do talk about some vintage games, Sesame Street characters, and a silly jumping poodle. Below is the the video that shows how the jumping poodle works. I used this video on my eBay listing as well.

It really doesn’t work very well! Another tip I forgot to mention is that when I find vintage games, sometimes the pieces are not all present or the boxes or parts of the game are destroyed. I then take the parts and sell them separately. Sometimes people are just looking for the parts to a certain game! I recently sold some monopoly tokens that way.

sock monkeys

Enjoy my sock monkey collection and visit me at! 



Selling and buying vintage clothing on eBay

November 20th, 2015

Vintage clothing can be very fascinating. Each decade is very different. I have tried to show a few pieces from various decades — mainly the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the following video. Hope you learn a little something!

Visit me at Or on youtube at: Thanks for watching!

Selling vintage books on eBay. Video time!

October 2nd, 2015

This is the second video in my vintage video series. This one is about vintage books. I sell a lot of vintage books on eBay that I mainly source at local estate auctions. I also find books at thrift stores and yard sales, although the estate auctions are the best since I can usually buy a whole box at a time!

vintage books

vintage books

Sometimes I sell my vintage books in sets rather than one at a time. Children’s books are my favorite. Some great sets to look for are The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Dr. Seuss, Elf books from Rand McNally, and Disney books.

vintage books

vintage books

Vintage school books are also great. So full of interesting facts — some still up to date and some very much NOT!

vintage books

vintage non-fiction books

All of the books that you see in the photos and videos are available at the time of this posting in my eBay store at So come in for a visit!



Selling vintage linens on eBay. See some of my stash. Video time!

September 10th, 2015

I’ve written about vintage linens in previous posts but now I am starting a series of videos on vintage items. The linens shall be the first!

Hope you enjoy and learn.

Video of my ebay store and vintage kitchen stuff I found

August 16th, 2015

Above is a video I made a while ago that shows some of the stuff I had for sale (in my basement eBay store). Almost all of it has sold by now. I’m just testing the video process to see if I can use this in my blog.

Below is a video I took of some of the vintage kitchen items I got to resell on eBay and in my antique booth. Some will also go to a flea market. I bought these from a friend of mine who was cleaning out her grandmother’s house so most of it is from the 60s and 70s.

Vintage kitchen items are very collectible.  Check out the sold listings on eBay for vintage Sunbeam mixers, Waring blendors (modern spelling is blender), green or red handle utensils and flour sifters, vintage tupperware, etc. The Sunbeam mixers can go for over 200.00 if you have a special colored one!

Check out my eBay store at to find some of these items!

Hairloom Jewelry vintage Victorian keepsakes

June 1st, 2015

This is a new twist on vintage Victorian mourning jewelry. And it’s not just for mourning, it’s also for any life celebration.


Hairloom Jewelry is a revival of the extremely popular Victorian Era “Hairwork” jewelry. Throughout history, hair has been used as a keepsake, as hair is one of the few natural materials that does not decay, lasting hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Whether from a close friend, lover, family member, or pet, a lock of hair has long symbolized love and bond throughout legend and myth. Initially, our focus was on using these as memorials, but why stop there? Why not create one in celebration as well? Sure, it can be used to remember the death of a loved one, but it can also be used to preserve a baby’s first haircut, a fiancé giving a lock of his hair to his partner, a member of the military giving one to a relative at the time of a deployment, or even a grandchild to a grandparent.

click here to see the website and the kickstarter program.





Selling vintage photographs; vintage fashion, vintage military, vintage travel

January 27th, 2015
vintage navy ships

vintage navy ships









Vintage photographs have become very collectible. Anything from 1940s beach photos to 1960s Halloween costumes to a girl holding her doll in 1950. You can sell them individually or in groups. The above photos were found at an estate sale. They are all old navy ships that were mailed in an envelope in the 1960s. They are listed for 35.00 for the lot.

vintage monkey photo

vintage monkey photo

Travel photos are popular as well, especially to well known places. These are from 1956 from Monkey Jungle in Florida. They are listed for 16.00.

vintage 1950s fashion

Here is a lot of photos from the 1950s showing some awesome fashions of the times. The leopard coat, the dresses, and the men’s blazers are great! I have these listed at 17.99 but others are charging much more.

englebert humperdick concert

 Even some photos from an Englebert Humperdink concert in the 1970s!

vintage navy ship

vintage navy ship


 So look through your attic and your friend’s and relative’s attics and check out some estate sales for some great photos!

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